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Dempsey Graphics has over 30 years experience in Las Vegas and so we know how Graphics, Websites and SEO/SEM are changing constantly. In keeping up with the most modern, responsive and SEO friendly Web Designs available we have added an outstanding, fresh and innovative Web Master / Website design Partner to our Team. We invite you to see what we can do for your business.
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Our Story

Welcome To Dempsey Websites

Dempsey Websites emphasis is not only on outsanding visual design but also on producing up to date technically responsive Websites accross all devices which includes the necessary SEO/SEM integration for the best Google search results for your business. This second part of Website creation is not always seen or understood by clients but is absolutely necessary when it comes to working with Google and obtaining the best organic ranking.

Web Design is no longer just a “Design”, there are many elements to creating a sucessful Web presence. As Part of our design and production team we have an outstanding Webmaster/Programmer who overseas all design builds and implements all the code required to make your website function at the highest level within google Search Engines.

In other words, we make sure that your website is not only a great design to promote your individual business identity, but that it is launched correctly with all necessary back end coding in place for optimum results on the Web.

The Dempsey Website Team have worked from our Local Office for over 30 years!  Our Office is near the heart of Las Vegas and we provide ‘real’ people who are here to genuinely listen to your needs and work closely with you so you can develop an individual company image with a technically excellent web design to bring the vision of your website into a reality.

Only the Best

Fresh Designs, Fast Turn Around

No longer are we in an age where you should expect a website to take months to be produced. Nor can you look off shore for the best service, support and price. The Dempsey Website Team are efficient, productive, talented and especially, ethical!

We will include you in all aspects of the website build including design concepts and logo design if required and we will explain to you how your website actually works so you are empowered rather than kept in the dark.

We will not leave you ‘hanging’, not knowing what is going on or when your site will be ready for your ‘ok’ to sign off on or when it will be launched.  We will even give you tutorials so you can understand how you can have an active role in your online business presence.

AND….we will do this within a reasonable time frame depending on the complexity of the website. It can take as little as a week for a basic website, taking longer for full e-commerce website.

Our 5 Promises To You

1. We will ‘listen’ to you and what it is that you wish to achieve with a website. To do this, we will provide you with the information required to work off so you can provide us with information that gives a clear understanding of what it is that you want.

2. We will identify what kind of website is best for you and explain why, and what it will cost. We will not move forward with any website requiring additional work that deviates from the initial contract charges unless you are fully informed as to what it is that is required and why.

3. We will not complicate things with unnecessary ‘geek speak’ so you are not left feeling lost. We respect that we do not know all there is to know with regards to your area of expertise and it is our duty to give you a clear understanding of what we will do for you in ours. Then we will provide you with information on exactly what steps will be taken to implement it.

4. We will fully involve you in the design process and the content required to populate your new website, keeping you informed with the progress of the website, providing you with opportunities to provide your own input if you wish and that we will not go ahead with it until you ‘sign off’ on the design and style of website we are building for you.

5. We will provide you with a fully working website within a timely manner as long as there are no complications beyond our control with regards to content or information that is required to finalize its working product.

Our Services & Pricing

Responsive Website Build with WordPress Backend and Custom Design

A Basic Website Build includes all Design Concepts and Logo if required.

You should expect a Basic Website to consist of around 5 pages including:-

Home Page – A visually pleasing site entrance page that explains a little about your business/websites purpose and provides a portal for access to the rest of your website.

Portfolio Page – A page where you can show off your past works or photo’s of your products in action.

FAQ Page – A frequently asked questions and answers page that customers can visit to explore the most commonly inquired questions you receive about your business/website.

About Page – A deeper look at the business/website, who’s involved and what you are all about.

Services Page – A place to display the services you have to offer.

Contact Page – Contact forms, contact information, shop address, etc.
On top of this you will receive access to our DNA Web Builder to alter your own website whenever and however you like.

As an example, ‘Dempsey Websites’ would be classified as a ‘Basic Website’.

e-Commerce Website

This package includes everything from the basic Website Build. In addition, we will set up a full listing of all your products, a shopping cart and checkout system.

An e-Commerce Website Build includes up to 50 products with all relative technical set up required to adequately present those products on a responsive platform to sell from. This also includes the SSL and Banking integration for payment capture.

If you require a Website for a larger number we will provide a quote on application.

We will oversee your project till it is launched and set up correctly for SEO.

We will always supply training videos if required to support and empower e-Commerce Website business so they feel “in control” of their web presence.


SEO & SEM with Technical Report

Dempsey Websites offer a service via our ‘Webmaster / Analytics’  optimizer to look over your existing Website for its overall SEO & SEM within Google Search Engines.

We will provide you with either a written or video report, (or both depending on severity of findings) to explain where your website is not performing and what needs to be done to make it do so. It will provide information on the current design, its responsiveness and technical areas.

This service is invaluable for those who cannot work out why they are not receiving positive results from having a Website and clients will find this report to be VERY insightful when it comes to understanding exactly what is going on not only on their own website but with relation to Google ranking and how to achieve best placement with optimal quality ‘clicks’ to your website.

This is the best place to start when you feel you have a serious problem with any existing website that needs something but you don’t know what. It is a comprehensive report that takes considerable time and expertise to go over ALL your websites analytics, webmaster, adwords, pixel data, events & behaviors and more on the Web.

Real Estate Website

Real Estate Websites have their own ‘best’ designs suitable and dependent on the Lead Capture system used by individual Realtors.

We have extensive experience in Designs exclusively for Real Estate Agents and incoporate IDX and CRM systems into the design as required.

Most Real Estate Website Builds will be $2,500 but please feel free to call to discuss your individual needs with our Webmaster/ Real Estate expert if you feel you have more complex technical issues to deal with.

Boost Your Customer Relationship Management Lead Generation

Boosting your CRM is all about Managing those Leads to your Website and Converting them to results within your business platform.

Regularly used by Realtors, Short Term Property Rentals, Service Providers and more, we provide a way for you to optimize your current customer relationship management platform.

Google Adwords Setup and Optimization for 3 – 5 Months.

This service is for those looking for ‘Paid Advertising’ on the Web.

The service covers set up and management of a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign over a period of approximately 3 months, which is the average time it takes to bring a campaign to maturity and to be providing profitable results.

It is not an ‘overnight’ quick fix, but a well designed, highly managed campaign, backed up with substantial analytics so that a website is producing at optimum capabilities. Regular progress reports will be provided so the client is fully informed as to what is going on with the campaign.

Substantial support for the client is provided in the form of general training to understand the process of PPC Campaigns and why they can ‘hemorage’ money with Google due to the way Google works is an invaluable addition to the actual service provided.

The Google Adwords service is best suited to those who have previously purchased an  SEO & SEM Package so they have acurately identified the areas requiring assistance within their website and how it is functioning technically in the Search Engines.



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