Great Escape

A photo essay on finding peace and family outside of the U.S.

An old car for sale on Main Street in the town of Glenwood, Alberta, Canada. All photos: John Francis Peters. Photo editing by Michelle Le.

Southern Alberta, Canada, is a place I never thought to go to until my stepmother moved there around six years ago. She’s a member of the Blood Tribe of the Blackfoot Confederacy, based about two hours south of Calgary. As a doctor, she moved there to open a clinic on the reservation and help her people, which had been a life goal. This was the first time I was able to see her in all those years and visit this place she now calls home.

I live in California, and politically, I’m not happy with what’s happening in the United…

John Francis Peters

John Francis Peters is a photographer currently based in Southern California. His work focuses on documentary, art and editorial subjects.

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