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When you’re quiet you let your actions do the talking.

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I worship quiet people because I was a loud idiot before.

Keanu Reeves was the first person to make me believe in a quieter world. I was so busy running around for years making a giant noise, that I missed the simple act of being quiet.

Why is being quiet so important?

When you’re quiet, you hear and feel the world differently. You become the observer rather than the observed.

Being quiet is how you flip your position in society and go from part of the crowd, to the leader.

Let your actions do the talking.

When you’re quiet you let your actions do the talking.

I’ve worked for years in the corporate world where the loudest idiot got all the promotions and took home all the money. …

You’re leaking energy and it’s sucking the life out of you.

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I was like a leaky tea strainer. Energy would come in and leak out through tiny holes in my life. Then I was introduced to the idea of energy.

Everything in your life is either giving you energy or taking it away.

When you look at your life through this simplistic lens your energy levels start to make sense. Influencers full of broken dreams want to sell you a new exercise routine or a new diet to fix your energy levels.

What if your energy levels were mostly affected by something other than exercise and diet?

When you stop the energy leaks, your life changes. …

It isn’t obvious, despite the hype.

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I’ve worked in finance and spent years learning about assets — particularly digital assets. People ask me via social media how I made enough money to face retirement in the next five years.

They seem to think I have many secrets about how to make enough money to retire that can change their life. Here’s how I did it.

1. Invest your money rather than save.

Saving your money is stupid. Inflation will eat away at your money. You make money when you invest what you have in real assets.

2. Understand the idea of purchasing power.

Governments print money to fight recessions, and fund wars. When they do, they take away the purchasing power of the money you have earned. The only way to repay the huge debt the US Government has racked up is by either: 1) Raising taxes 2) Printing money out of thin air. …

The answer is discipline, not the extinction of social media.

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Image Credit: Netflix/thesocialdilemma.com

Blaming social media for our problems seems childish.

It’s easy to place blame. It’s harder to be responsible and work on your own version of discipline.

As someone who has spent the last six years writing on social media and working with tech companies, the documentary, The Social Dilemma, solved nothing. It highlighted obvious challenges and pinned the blame on social media tech giants.

Social media is nothing new

The generations before you were told newspapers would harm society. …

— As a content creator.

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Writer’s block is a bitch.

Not having anything to write about makes the process of writing painful. I was chatting to another writer today who had a vulnerable article go viral. The backlash in the comments section stopped him from writing.

Every time he sits down to write, he can’t. His writing muscles are dead inside from the crowds of Twitter users who beat the inspiration out of him. As a content creator, it’s easy to stop.

There are lots of hidden problems that will hunt you down and screw up your ability to sit in a quiet room and write. …

There is no other time in history where this concept matters so much. The financially uneducated get hurt.

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The money you earn becomes worth a lot less when you don’t understand the concept of purchasing power.

Simply: Cash is trash. Cash is a sign of laziness, says CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

I am going to explain in really simple terms how you’re purchasing power works based on the US dollar (other currencies have the same properties, just at varying scales). Once you understand purchasing power you can become financially wealthy far quicker.

You shouldn’t have to work hard, be stressed, and have your purchasing power stolen from you — this is what happens if you ignore this concept.

Again — purchasing power is the most important concept in personal finance, especially during this time in history. …

I work in tech and I’m learning to.

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Working in tech can make you an asshole.

I work in tech. I have been an asshole many times throughout my life. Working in tech can make you think you’re superhuman.

Really, it’s just privilege. It’s hard for me to admit but working in tech is an opportunity many people may not get. Why?

It the world of tech you need either an education or a strong network to join the secret club (often both). The hiring process is challenging too. The people who do the hiring in tech screen you out through the smart utilization of tech.

There is so much entitlement, ego and privilege in tech. I’ve learned that by working in tech and being part of the problem. Why is all of this a problem? …

Become a teacher and money will become secondary

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Creating an online course that sells out isn’t based on luck.

What many people don’t know is I tried to launch online courses twice before and failed, badly. Like a dumb dog I tried again for the third time.

Each time I sold a course the process was radically different. Doing the same thing over and over, and getting the exact same results, and being surprised, is the definition of stupidity.

This time I launched an online course differently. It sold out in 10 days and is now closed. It taught me that anybody can become a teacher, even you. …

When super successful people get revealed as human beings, it’s a beautiful moment in history.

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When super successful people get revealed as human beings, it’s a beautiful moment in history.

Many people have idolized Tim Ferriss. They’ve seen him as some kind of superhuman experimenter who can do no wrong.

Recently, we saw the real Tim Ferriss in all his glory.

The podcast episode that revealed his childhood trauma was hard to listen to. I shed many tears through much of the episode and felt all sorts of emotions. Tim describes it as “the most important podcast episode” he has ever published (I agree).

What happened to Tim Ferriss?

From the age of two to four years old he was sexually abused by the 12 year old son of his babysitter. The abuse happened at such a young age that Tim had completely forgotten the whole experience. But his life was full of tiny signs that something was wrong. …

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Your goal in life doesn’t matter if you don’t get people to feel what you do.

As a writer for the past six years, I’ve had countless people reach out to me who try and find some hidden mythical talent.

But my talent sucks. I don’t know how to write and that’s my giant secret.

In singing, there are cover singers and there are artists. A singer can sing a song created by someone else and imitate them perfectly. They can hit all the notes and their voice sounds stunning.

An artist is different from a singer. They can sing a song and make you feel it. It’s an odd feeling because on the surface both kinds of singers are singing exactly the same thing. …

But it can be life-changing if done the right way.

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Content that sells the fantasy of financial freedom makes me vomit.

It’s a lie.

The dream life of financial freedom portrayed online leaves out all the important parts. The benefit of financial freedom is you don’t have to work for money anymore so you can focus on work you love.

It’s a great feeling. But there’s a lot more to it. How do I know? I’ve done it.

I’ve made more than $300K as a writer and don’t have to work another day in my life if I choose.

Yet, despite the financial freedom fantasy, I am working harder than I have ever worked. …

If you hate it, outsource it.

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Becoming financially free is nothing more than a mindset.

The world is drowning in money. Governments are literally printing money out of thin air. You’re not stupid if you struggle financially.

Attracting money into your life comes down to how you think.

I spent my 20s always trying to get more money. …

Blanket investing philosophies without context are a destructive way to lose money.

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If I see another blog post telling people to invest in stocks or buy real estate, I’m going to vomit on my freshly polished, piano black dress shoes.

The blair witch is hiding in the fine print.

Where to put your money isn’t simple. If it was then we’d all be billionaires with a capital “B.” I read personal finance content all the time, written by people who have never worked in finance. It freaks me out.

You can lose everything you’ve ever worked for and become bankrupt if you don’t understand the basics of how money works and what factors to think about when investing. …

— And how to spot them.

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It scares me to death how people do not know what asset bubbles are.

Asset bubbles transfer wealth from those who don’t understand them to those who do. These assets bubbles go from one form of assets to another.

I never used to understand bubbles and it wrecked my ability to become financially free. I’d get caught up in the hype of asset bubbles rather than the reality of the fundamentals that explain the financial world.

To continue my obsession with simplicity when it comes to understanding money and investing, when I say assets I’m referring to stocks, bonds, gold, digital currencies, real estate, and cash. …

Heavily curated short sentences full of ideas to interrupt your programmed thinking that’s often stuck on auto-pilot.

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Naval Ravikant is the wise Gandhi of this era.

If Ryan Holiday was my stoic father then Naval Ravikant would be the father who made me feel like Luke Skywalker when he discovered “The Force.”

Don’t underestimate tiny quotes written by people like Naval who don’t seek attention, fame or popularity. A single sentence of text can be all it takes to get you out of your head and back into reality.

Naval manages to change how I think with his tweets. …

You get back your time through discipline.

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Busy is an infectious disease that could kill you.

A full calendar is no way to live your life. Gaps in the calendar bring out the best in you. They give you time to think, and create something from nothing.

When I meet people who have no time, I think of them like dead people — they’re alive in the flesh but dead inside.

You get back your time through discipline.

“No Scott I’m not attending that meeting because I am not saying anything and it doesn’t have relevance. …

According to one of the most popular Quora writers of all time

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There’s nothing ugly about earning a living as a writer.

You’re not a sell-out for wanting to write words and pay your water bill with them. I have recently stumbled across what can only be described as peculiar ways to make money as a writer. I’m fairly certain you haven’t heard of these ways to make money as a writer.

Messenger Apps to Sell Digital Products Rather Than Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the ‘90s. My grandpa was doing it in the back of his Toyota Camry.

I stumbled across this radical idea by accident. I launched my first online course. I decided that video and written content were a dime a dozen. …

“Create a digital product and sell it.”

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Picture by: AnneliseCapossela/Axios

The best advice you will ever hear will probably pass you by.

You’ll hear a phrase that sets you up for life and ignore it. You’ll think you know better. Or worse, you’ll think the advice is too cliche.

That’s what happened to me. My friend from Perth gave me this advice back in 2014: “Create a digital product and sell it.”

My big ears didn’t hear what he said. It seemed obvious. Selling a digital product online is obvious — and most people never do it.

This is what I mean by a digital product:

  • An eBook
  • An online…

Generic, lifeless stories don’t get read

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Make the reader feel what you’re saying. This is the missing ingredient to most of what I read online.

I spent the morning reading dry, generic, lifeless stories. There were two stories that stopped me in my tracks, though.

One from Nicolas Cole contained this first paragraph:

“I left a voicemail saying, ‘Hey so you haven’t returned any of my calls and that doesn’t make me feel very good about giving you all my money, so if you could please give me a call back today that would be great. Thanks.’”

I read that paragraph and could feel the pain of his deception. …

Everything in life comes down to how you *choose* to think.

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The journey to charging money for something is a deeply psychological one.

Business is nothing more than charging money. It sounds easy on the surface. It’s not. You have to prepare your mind to cope with what will follow once you decide to charge money for your time, skills, or a product/service you’ve created.

Anybody can do it, but first you need to get your mind in order. Otherwise, you’ll quit far too soon, blame/complain to everybody, scream into the echo chamber of a Facebook Group, and give up. You’re better than that.

Why *not* you?

This is the seed to the thinking you need. The question “Why not you?” …

Dare to escape your bubble world.

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The dishes fell to floor when I heard this quote.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks said “It’s the people not like us that make us grow.” This is an uncomfortable thought. We spend our entire lives looking for people just like us so we can feel like we belong.

If you’re religious then hanging around an atheist seems “dangerous.” …

Spreading chaos is unacceptable.

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I don’t believe in the block button. There are better ways to deal with people you disagree with.

But I broke that rule today. For the first time ever, I blocked another writer.

They continually spread fear. They say that America is on fire. They write sensationalist headlines that your curious brain can’t avoid clicking. They bash everybody in politics.

Worst of all, they offer zero solutions.

They can describe chaos and the end of the world in perfect detail. The problem is they’re willing to do nothing about it other than play the immature game of spot the problem. …

Silence directs you to an even better opportunity. Told through a story of bullying and exclusion tactics.

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Have you ever sat down and thought about how powerful silence is?

It’s easy to get out of your chair and make a song and dance. It’s easy to blame and complain your way to feeling better. But it does absolutely nothing.

Seeking revenge doesn’t serve you. What if silence could do all the talking for you? Well it can.

A few years ago I was part of an account team at work. One of the customers we looked after decided to go out to the market and do an RFP (request for proposal aka tender).

About two months before, we were given the heads up that a tender was likely to occur. It was worth millions of dollars to our team. It could have made our year during a difficult period of growth for us. …

To understand what is going to happen to your money next.

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Picture by Sarah Grillo/Axios

Inflation and deflation are a pain in the butt for most people to understand.

Finance is made out to be complex. Therefore, understanding the dollars you earn becomes complex, and as a result, you end up working harder and longer to earn them. What if you could understand finance better simply by understanding how money is created and destroyed? Well you can.

I learned not so long ago how dollars are created. …

A tribute with lessons that will leave you speechless and in tears.

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I logged in to view her posts. She had blocked me.

Blocking might seem heartless. But I had no idea what she was going through. For the final six months of her life, I viewed her posts every week through someone else’s LinkedIn account.

Her name was Kirsty Bonner and she wrote inspirational posts on LinkedIn aimed at jobseekers. She suffered from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) which ended up taking her life on the 28th of August 2020.

Her work was dedicated to helping jobseekers find a new career, and find themselves in the process. I didn’t know her personally, but I did know people close to her. …

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